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New material

Prefabricated exterior wall board

The prefabricated integrated board is a continuous large-scale production of the prefabricated integrated board based on the special production process of the grade-A composite incombustible thermal insulation board.


Product advantages

Strong decoration, high safety, strong weather resistance, incombustible heat preservation, green environmental protection, light weight, large format, standard parts structure, easy installation.

Product applications

It is suitable for internal and external wall insulation projects of prefabricated buildings, new construction, expansion, reconstruction and existing industrial and civil buildings with load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls;

It is suitable for masonry structure projects composed of reinforced concrete, concrete hollow blocks, sintered ordinary bricks, sintered porous bricks, aerated lime-sand bricks and slag bricks and other materials that require thermal insulation and energy saving in different climatic regions in my country; it is suitable for multi-storey buildings. The external wall insulation project of high-rise buildings promotes the development of China's passive ultra-low energy consumption building industry.

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