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Composite incombustible thermal insulation board

With the improvement of national energy conservation standards and fire protection requirements, wall insulation technology has become an important measure in building energy conservation, the company's innovation and research and development Grade-A composite incombustible thermal insulation board,Proprietary technology, thermal conductivity(W/m.k)≤0.045.It has the advantages of thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, safety and reliability, low water absorption, and good impermeability. The fireproof and incombustible performance meets the requirements of the country's strict JG/T536-2017 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products", and is evaluated as A2 grade product. The stability in high temperature (80~100℃) environment is far superior to that of similar organic insulation boards. Its surface tensile, compressive, flexural and impact strength is much higher than that of general thermal insulation materials. In the process of production and use, no harmful substances will be produced, and it is a green and environmentally friendly material,Ultra-low energy buildings are preferred.


Product advantages

1. High thermal insulation
2. Class-A fire performance

3. Overfire integrity is good

4. Lightweight and high strength
5. Low water absorption
6. Good sound insulation performance
7. Firmly bond with the substrate
8. High freeze-thaw resistance
9. Green and environmental protection
10. Long life and aging resistance
11. Low cost

DMSO Grade-A composite incombustible thermal insulation board system material technical indicators


Product applications

Internal and external wall insulation, thermal insulation and decoration integrated board, fireproof color steel board, high-strength fireproof sandwich board, thermal insulation light brick, sound-absorbing fireproof partition board, floor heating insulation layer, building decorative line modeling, garden modeling main material, furniture accessories, etc.

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