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Prefabricated integration board
In recent years, driven by the policy, the prefabricated construction industry has developed rapidly, and the prefabricated integrated board has become the preferred material for ultra-low energy consumption buildings。thermal conductivity(W/m.k)≤0.045.Prefabricated integration board is used in large industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, mobile rooms, building layers, clean workshops and places requiring heat insulation and fire prevention. Sandwich plate appearance is beautiful, beautiful color, the overall effect is good, it sets load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof in one, and without two decoration, is a kind of widely used especially in the construction site of temporary facilities such as offices, warehouses, walls and other applications, more reflects the modern construction site civilization construction, Especially in terms of rapid installation and putting into use, and in terms of turnover and reuse index of assembled and detachable materials, it has obvious advantages in significantly reducing the cost of temporary facilities at construction sites. It will be an indispensable new lightweight building material. When used in combination with photovoltaic products, it can achieve energy self-sufficiency and reduce environmental pollution. And can be applied to high altitude environment and do not have energy supporting places.

Product advantage
1. light weight, weight per square meter is less than 24kg, can fully reduce the cost of the structure.
2. quick installation, light weight, insertion, lap installation and can be cut at will, determine the simplicity of its installation, can improve efficiency, save the construction period.
3. fire, color steel composite sandwich board surface material and thermal insulation materials for non-combustible or inflammable materials to meet the requirements of fire codes.
4. durability, after special coating treatment of the color steel plate new up to 10-15 years, after every 10 years spraying anti-corrosion coating, plate life up to 35 years.
5. beautiful, molded steel plate clear lines up to dozens of colors, can cooperate with the needs of any style of building.
6. heat preservation and insulation, composite non-combustible heat preservation sandwich board, low thermal conductivity, with good heat preservation and insulation effect.
7. environmental protection noise prevention, composite panel sound insulation strength can reach 40-50 decibels, is a very effective sound insulation material.
8. strong plasticity, molded steel plate can be cut arbitrarily, enough to meet the needs of special design.
9. high strength, using high strength steel plate as the base material, tensile strength 5600(kg/cm2), coupled with the most advanced design and roll molding, with excellent structural characteristics.

Prefabricated integration board is widely used in prefabricated buildings
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